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Monalisa on 03 June 2013

The Mental harassment of Indians

One of the most commonly used terms in our users' complaints is "Mental Harassment". Before launching the Jago Grahak Jago Initiative, we thought things doesn't work only in government machinery, but the results and the complaints that started coming in were surprising. 80% of the complaints are against big companies, and we have so much data that it cannot be rejected considering it as just one off case.

Consider the following:
- Most of the movers and packers in India do mishandling and do not pay the damage even after customers insure the consignment.
- Delay in delivery and making false commitments is a common culture in Indian business, and nobody cares.
- Gas agencies never pick up the phone. Customers are clueless what is the status of their LPG supply. When they visit the agency offices, nobody is willing to answer. Did you ever go to your LPG agency and did you observe the chaos?
- Mobile companies have found a new way of making money. Activate services which customers do not want. 80% of the complaints against phone companies are related to activation of services without customers knowledge. Some companies send SMS that they are getting free service for 30 days, and then there is no way to deactivate after 30 days. Our customer care sucks. India supports the world in their world-class call centers, but there is no support for Indians.
- False ATM transactions are on the rise. Banks do not help. So please try to avoid withdrawing from different bank ATM, you will realize the pain when nothing comes out, but your account is debited. Trust me nobody will help.
- God save us from private banks. The minimum balance requirements, the annual account maintenance fees, huge penalties for small small things, again the price is paid by us.
- It seems whole India is going through this Insurance scam. We have seen several complaints about people paying their hard earned income to private insurance companies only to later realize that they cannot get their money back. Personal advice please go for LIC.
- We received a new complaint in its kind, exams getting postponed. Now it might be a good news for students, but no, these exams get postponed because professors (who by the way gets paid out of our taxes) didn't set papers in time. The exam co-ordinator didn't allot the roll numbers, organize exam venues and hence exam postponement. This is unacceptable, just because of the inefficiencies of our Govenment servants.
- Last but not the least, The survey companies. Are we crazy, did our mind stop thinking ? How can you make money by doing nothing and just participating in surveys. There is like flood of survey companies in India. Some of them already shut down and their founders absconding. An appeal GrahakSeva users, there is no such thing like work from home, earn part time income, refer people and earn, participate in survey and become lakpati. Please stay away from any such schemes, and spread the word to your friends and relatives.
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