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my connection was not installed and bill generated

Himanshu Pandey on 30 May 2017

I requested for reliance broadband.and a staff came and collected cash and documents.bt they went on delaying and didnt install connection.so i went to office and cancelled the connection.and asked...[Read full complaint]

Light is goan more time in day

Nilesh Keni on 30 May 2017

More time power cut in our area and day and night also please check the problem. Kanjade sec 2

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Not recieved scholarship

Nirbhay Kumar Gupta on 30 May 2017

Sir i passed this test in 2014 but i not recieved scholarship plz do something

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Cancellation of Country V eof Capitation feaccations mrmbership and refund

Arunkumar Saha on 29 May 2017

Country Vacations — Cancellation of Country Vacation/Club membership and Refund Money. Membership ID: CVKK1TCLUB10LB222731.

My Name is Arun Kumar Saha I got a promotional call in July'...[Read full complaint]

registered mobile number allahbadbank

Sanjay Biswas on 29 May 2017

Dear Sir .Please update my account no59112787594 in mobile no9093459290. duttafulia branch. west bangla ....dist: Nadia:: ifsc code:: 216. Allahabad bank

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Network problem

Satyendra on 29 May 2017

Sewa me shreeman mahoday ji

Sewa me savinay nivedN hai ki Mera no 8999 hai jo ki 3g S4 me karwNe kebad sarwar problem AA rahihai lrpya samsya ka sambhan kare<...[Read full complaint]

Marksheet not received

Bhavna Verma on 29 May 2017

सेवा में

श्री मान कुल सचिव जी

डा बी आर अंबेडकर वि वि आगरा

विषय - marksheet नहीं प्राप्त होने के सम्बन्ध में


आपको सादर अवगत कराना है कि मैं सन् [Read full complaint]

Hidden of additional charges

Abhay M Batulwar on 29 May 2017

I was not informed by marchant http://clickjobs.com about additional charges.

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Regading yr custcare emp..

Aman Sinhaam on 29 May 2017

Hlo... aman sinha this side ....today i called yr custcare no 198 ...regading data plan and one of yr emp pappu answer my call and not given the any info. And he trnfr my call on hold ...i have to ...[Read full complaint]

ST पूर्ण पणे vibration होते.

Mahadev Tukaram Nimbalkar on 29 May 2017

st पूर्ण पणे vibration होते.त्या मुळे प्रवाशांना खुप त्रास होत आहे.तरी आपण लवकरात लवकर problem solution करावे हि विनंती

St no. MH .14 BT. 3144

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no respone by employee

V Naresh Kumar on 29 May 2017

25मई से लैंडलाइन बंद है मैंने उसी दिन कोरबा जिले के बाल्को शहर के आफिस में सोनी जी को व्हाट्सअप किया और फोन भी किया लेकिन कोई जवाब नही अगले दिन आफिस में जाकर लिखित शिकायत दिया फिर भी काम नही हुआ अग...[Read full complaint]

Maximum chanel not showing

Pramod Kasar on 29 May 2017

I Contact to my local cable operators but not to be supported what should I do ?

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Gurpreet on 29 May 2017

Today i have received 03 Packets of some kind of powder while i has been placed the order of J5 Prime Mobile Phone at my given address.

Kindly refund me against this order as soon as p...[Read full complaint]

Security deposite refund for BP No . 4000211996

Sanjeev Kumar on 29 May 2017

I had asked for a refund on 21 April 2017 through speed post (no. ED316687231IN). All documents including cover letter application for refund one cancelled cheque and one address proof were also su...[Read full complaint]

Flipkart is not processing my return request

Srikanthsuman Garishakurthi on 29 May 2017

I ordered a 18 speed cycle for my son and I received a 6 speed cycle on Friday 19th May 017.

Flipkart system is still not updated as the product is delivered....[Read full complaint]

No Reliance Network

Prakruti Resorts Pvt.ltd. on 29 May 2017

Tourist Inquiry about No Network ....

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No Air Tail Network

Prakruti Resorts Pvt.ltd. on 29 May 2017

Tourist spot but No Air tail Network Available Tourist ask about Air tail Network

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Fraud from the part of Shine.com Job consultancy

Sidhique K on 29 May 2017

I had registered in a Job consultancy company named "Shine.com".

On 20/5/2017 the sent an sms to upoad the required document.After sending it they informed to pay rupees 1500 as reg...[Read full complaint]

Billing - Base fare

Dr. Ashok G V on 29 May 2017

Dear Madam/Sir

When I was in |Rs.199-00 plan a Customer care person called me and offered me Rs.499/- Vodafone red plan to Rs.249/-. I agreed but every month I am getting bills with ba...[Read full complaint]

DJB Water pipe line leakage

K Chandrasekaran on 29 May 2017

DJB water pipe line leakage on main road in front of MCD primary school located at sector 3 RK Puram New Delhi-22. Due to this main road has been damaged. Prevent contemnation due to leakage of wat...[Read full complaint]

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